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21 December 2022

Eating and drinking in Quebec

Food identity(ies): discourses and contemporary representations

Call for submissions for an issue of Ethnologies

(Eds.: Julia Csergo - DEUT, UQAM and Van Troi Tran - DEUT, UQAM)

Food nourishes as much as it signifies and, as such, it also deals with issues of culinary identities, which refer to specific modes of acquisition and production of food (gathering, agriculture, breeding) as well as to technical specificities and processing (crafts, kitchens) which can go so far as to produce emblematic products and dishes, or even singular consumption practices. In these respects, food actively participates in the construction of narratives on cultural and territorial identities (urban, regional, national, transnational), and these narratives are loaded with imaginations and collective values. These discourses on food and cooking, taken up and conveyed in the media, also often contribute to the development of stereotypes, or even mythologies.

We wish here to explore the issue of Quebec food identities, as they have emerged at various eras and in various contexts (political, academic, journalistic, literary, touristic, etc.) This issue has been around for long, but has it ever been exhausted?

This question cuts through the contemporary history of Quebec (from the 19th to the 21st century), and follows a variety of paths, but it has always been in connection with the construction of a cultural identity, be it either French-Canadian, Quebecois, multi-ethnic or intercultural.

Contribution proposals

The proposed articles must contain unpublished research findings, hypotheses or updates; and cannot reproduce the entirety of an article that has already been published or submitted for publication.

If you wish to contribute to this issue, your 250-word proposals are expected before January 10, 2023, accompanied with a brief biographical note to the editors of the issue:

Julia Csergo :

Van Troi Tran :

The selection of proposals will be announced on January 25, 2023. The texts of the articles corresponding to the selected proposals are expected by May 31, 2023 . Article can be written in French or in English.

The expected length of the articles is approximately 7500 words, including the bibliography.

Guidelines to authors can be consulted on the journal's website: https://www.acef-fsac.ulaval .ca/fr/journal-ethnologies/publish