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Adopted at the AGM Moncton, 1990
Proposed amendments, June 2005 (final adoption May 2006)

Covers actual costs of travel (i.e. air, train, or bus fare; gas receipts from ONE person per vehicle) ONLY. Where a substantial saving over the lowest economy airfare can be obtained by a group of at least four people in a rented vehicle, the treasury will cover, subject to support restrictions below, costs of rental and one night shared accommodation. Members are urged to check with the Treasurer to ensure their arrangements are acceptable.

N.B. Not available to members living within 200 km of the meeting site

Members are strongly enjoined to seek travel support elsewhere, make travel plans early, and get the best possible rates to ensure that FSAC’s limited funds can be applied in greater measure, especially to students, unemployed, and retired members. Where a substantial discrepancy exists between rates from the same location, or where a higher than minimal rate has been selected by the Member, the Treasurer shall adjust the reimbursements to Members accordingly at her/his sole discretion.

Amount of support each year determined by: availability of funds, number of requests, category of membership. Student/unemployed/retired members should expect 55-70% of their travel costs; regular members 40-60%.

Official requests for reimbursement must be mailed to the Secretary-Treasurer postmarked no later than July 1, and must be accompanied by the original travel receipts – no photocopies!

Reimbursement only to paid up members of FSAC who have registered for the Conference and are participants — e.g. giving a paper, conducting a workshop —in the full event, including but not limited to the Annual General Meeting.

Travel within Canada will receive first priority for funding. Claims for international travel will be will be considered on a per-case basis, as funds allow. All reimbursements will be done by cheque.