FSAC unveils its new logo

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20 Avril 2017

It is my great pleasure to present to you our new FSAC logo.
The idea behind the logo is building networks and a strong community. The colours are bringing freshness and optimism and encourage us to continue to believe in our disciplines, in our values and in our place in social sciences field and in the society as a whole. The 40th anniversary of our association foundation is an important milestone and I hope that 2016–2017 is a turning point in strengthening our community and that new paths are opening in front of our members and Ethnology and Folklore fans.

For those that are coming to our annual meeting, I look forward to seeing you in Toronto! For those that cannot attend this year, I hope you can join us next year.

See you soon!

Daniela Moisa
President of the Folklore Studies Association of Canada (FSAC)